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Introducing Maryland Excels

There are many words to describe quality child care and education, but few words describe the important role you serve as a child care provider and early childhood educator. Your work touches and shapes the future - the future of each child in your program, the future of the families you serve, the future of Maryland, the future of the nation.

This session gives you more than words to describe quality child care and education. It gives you an opportunity to learn about a system created to support you in the quality care you deliver. It gives you an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. It introduces you to Maryland EXCELS - Maryland's Quality Rating and Improvement System.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Maryland EXCELS promotes quality early childhood and school-age care through standards and quality ratings
  • Know the benefits of becoming a Maryland EXCELS participant

When you're ready to begin, select the presentation button.


Review the following presentation for an overview of Maryland EXCELS:

Maryland EXCELS Standards

Visit the Maryland EXCELS website and locate the Standards for your program type: Child Care Center, Family Child Care, School-Age Care, or Public Pre-K Program.

Review the standards for each category:

  • Licensing & Compliance
  • Staffing Qualifications & Professional Development
  • Accreditation and Rating Scales
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practice & Learning
  • Administrative Policies & Practices

Think about which standards your program meets currently. If you have access to a printer, consider printing a copy of the standards for your program type and checking off any of the standards your program meets. The results might surprise you.

Overview Check

Select the most accurate response for each of the following questions. You will have the opportunity to review your responses at the end of the activity.

As you wrap up this session, think about:


One thing you didn’t know about Maryland EXCELS.


Two things you found interesting about Maryland EXCELS.


Three questions you have about Maryland EXCELS.

If you would like to try something new, or if you are familiar with VoiceThread as a way to share your ideas, select the following link and join the conversation:

The next session focuses on the support available to programs through Maryland EXCELS. As you explore the information in the next session, consider the type of support you might find helpful as a Maryland EXCELS participant.