Helping Your Child Succeed  

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Helping Your Child


Helping Children

Your child can succeed and you can help him do it! While this is a clear part of parenthood, the best way to go about it can be confusing or overwhelming at times, especially if your child has a disability. One thing that can help all children regardless of their age or ability is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that pays attention to both the child’s physical and emotional needs. Keep reading for tips that can help you and your child succeed. 

Healthy Beginnings is a resource to help you nurture the tremendous potential for learning and growth that every child has… that every child is born with. Specifically designed for caregivers of infants and toddlers from birth through age three, Healthy Beginnings gives you knowledge and support around child care and child development. Our Activity Planner provides you with fun, developmentally appropriate activities that build young children’s skills and promote all kinds of learning.


Edutopia offers a guide filled with tips, tech tools and strategies for improving family-to-school communication.