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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:   When will I know where my placement will be? 


Answer:      As soon as all placements across school systems and certification areas have been verified, the Field Experience Office will send out official notification. This is normally about two to four weeks before the placement is due to start.

Question:   May I hold outside employment during my internship?


Answer:  No. Many years of experience verify that the internship requires full-time attention to its many demands.

Question:  Can I become certified in more than one area?


Answer:  The JHU MAT Program provides a pathway for a single certification. However, once certified, you may add additional endorsements -- see the MSDE website for details about how to qualify.

Question:  Whom do I go to if I have issues with my internship? 


Answer:  Your first point of contact regarding your internship is your university supervisor. He or she will provide guidance on any specific steps that may be necessary.

Question:  How do I apply for jobs once I complete the MAT Program?


Answer:  Participate in the JHU Recruitment Fair (held annually in late winter), which is attended by school systems in the local region interested in hiring Hopkins candidates. Some partnership school districts provide priority interviewing for interns in their system. Your Internship Seminar course instructor will provide more information about how to prepare for this effectively.

Question:  Can I get paid as a substitute?


Answer:  Wtih the exception of the Montgomery Partnership, while in your internship  you are not allowed to serve as a substitute teacher. Once your internship ends and once your school system has processed your substitute teacher application and trained you, you are free to accept paid substitute teaching employment.

Question: How do I dress for my internship?


Answer:  Interns are expected to dress in a professional manner at all times during the regular school year. Professional attire for teachers is generally business casual. Be very aware that no clothes should be worn that are figure-hugging or revealing.

Remember: every day is a job interview. 

Question:  For financial aid purposes, how is the January Intersession counted?


Answer:  It is applied toward the Fall semester.