Maryland Statewide Individualized Education Program (IEP) Process Guide July 2017  

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Where Does the Child Spend Time?


Identify all of the places where the child spends his/her time.

  • Child care center;
  • Child’s home;
  • Early Head Start/Head Start;
  • Family Child Care;
  • Family Support Center;
  • Home of family member;
  • Judy Center;
  • Library;
  • Parent’s place of employment;
  • Parks and Recreation program or activities;
  • Preschool playgroup;
  • Private Pre-K/Nursery school;
  • Public Pre-K program;
  • Religious Setting;
  • Shelter; and/or
  • Other

Parents Concerns/Priorities

Describe the parent’s input, concerns, and priorities. The parent’s input, concerns, and priorities must be considered in the development of their child’s IEP.

How the child’s disability affects his/her access to and participation 

Describe how and in what settings the child’s disability(ies) affects his/her access or participation in age appropriate activities.

Strengths and Needs

Describe the child’s strengths and needs across the functional areas of:

  • Developing Positive Social Emotional Skills and Relationships
  • Acquiring and Using Knowledge and Skills
  • Using Appropriate Behaviors to Meet Needs; and
  • Complete the Child Outcomes Summary (COS) Strengths and Needs Summary Table


Parent Input

Describe the parent’s input, concerns, and priorities for their child’s education. The input and concerns from parents and students must be considered in the development of the IEP. The IEP team should specifically record input from parents and student.

Student strengths, interest areas, significant personal attributes, and personal accomplishments

Strengths may include a relatively strong area for the student; a strength when compared to peers, or particular motivational or interest area. Statements about the student’s strengths can support instructional decisions related to motivation, learning styles, and learning preferences. If the student’s strength is supported by the use of supplemental aids and services including assistive technology, the IEP team should document that information.

How the student’s disability affects his/her involvement in the general curriculum?

Describe how the student’s disability specifically impacts his or her involvement and progress in the general curriculum.

Think in terms of “if-then” statements. (i.e., if there is a concern, then what is the impact on the student’s participation and progress in that area?)