Maryland Statewide Individualized Education Program (IEP) Process Guide July 2017  

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Exit Information

Exit Date
Date student exited special education. All student data submitted in the annual June Exit Report must have exit dates ranging from July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the reporting year. All services must be ended in the June data submission. Date of exit must be the same as, or after the date of the last IEP.

[MSDE Student Records Manual 2008; SSIS Manual, October 2009]

Exit Category
Enter the reason the student exited from special education program:

A = Returned to general education - student who was served in special education during the previous reporting year, but at some point during that 12-month period, returned to general education as a result of having met the objectives of his or her IEP. This is a student who no longer has an IEP and is receiving all educational services from a general education program.

B = Graduated with Maryland High School Diploma - student who exited an educational program through receipt of a high school diploma identical to that for which students without disabilities are eligible.

C = Received Maryland High School Certificate of Program Completion - student who exited an educational program through receipt of a Maryland High School Certificate of Program Completion or IEP Team determination that the student has developed appropriate skills for the individual to enter the world of work.

D = Reached 21 years of age - student who exited special education because of reaching the maximum age.

E = Deceased - student who died.

F = Moved, known to be continuing - student who moved out of the catchment area and is KNOWN to be continuing in another educational program. There need not be evidence that the student is continuing in special education, only that he/she is continuing in a general education program.

H = Dropped out - student who was enrolled at some point in the reporting year, was not enrolled at the end of the reporting year, and did not exit through any other basis (returned to general education, graduated, received certificate, reached maximum age, died, or moved). Includes GED recipients.

I = Special Case - Other reasons with superintendent’s approval. For students under 16 years of age. This code may be used for students who withdraw in grade 8 for religious reasons.

J = Parent Revokes Consent for Services – For use when a parent revokes consent for the provision of special education and related services after special education and related services have been implemented.

[MSDE, SSIS Manual draft October 2009]