Individualized Education  

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Individualized Education

Today’s increasingly diverse classrooms present great opportunities, as well as complex challenges for educators. Next-generation teaching recognizes that development and learning occur differently for everyone across a life span. The challenge is meeting the demands of diverse classrooms while delivering instruction of the highest quality to all students.

At the heart of all good educational partnerships – between families and schools or teachers and students – is the acknowledgement that all efforts are done with a specific child in mind. This has been a core tenet of special education services for children and families under Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP) and Individualized Education Programs (IEP), but it is a shared reality for all children.

Be it Differentiated Instruction, Response-to-Intervention, Universal Design for Learning, personalized learning, or countless other initiatives, smart educators, dedicated caregivers, and innovative policy makers have known that individualized education is the best chance for helping students grow and learn.

The Individualized Education channel covers a wide range of topics recognizing that child development is seldom the exact same for everyone and interventions that work with some students may have a different effect for others. Here you can expect to find information that speaks to how we can individualize and personalize education for all students beyond the legal mandates of special education. In the end, families, schools, and students will be better for it.



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Technology is more and more an essential part of education.  From teaching children to teaching teachers, technology is critical to how we teach, learn and lead.  The experts at the Johns Hopkins University, School of Education’s Center for Technology in Education have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for nearly 30 years. 

Click the videos below to meet CTE staff members, Chris Swanson and Dave Peloff.

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Chris Swanson: Edutainment, Learning, and Assessment

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Dave Peloff: Games and Simulations for Learning

Planning Lessons for the Common Core

Power Up What Works is a new website, funded by the US Department of Education, that offers grab-and-go lessons and support guides to help special educators develop common core lesson plans.  Check it out!