Professional Learning  

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Professional Learning


Now, more than ever, professional educators actively participate in a lifelong learning adventure – their own. So how do you keep up with all the advances in educational theory and practice? How do you mentor others while also developing as a professional yourself? How do you address the challenges and opportunities of teaching in the 21st century? And most important of all, how do you ensure that you are using the teaching strategies and techniques that are best for your particular students and for what you want them to learn? This section of Maryland Learning Links helps to answer these questions and provides you with some roadmaps around building a productive and rewarding career teaching all kinds of learners.



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Technology is more and more an essential part of education.  From teaching children to teaching teachers, technology is critical to how we teach, learn and lead.  The experts at the Johns Hopkins University, School of Education’s Center for Technology in Education have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for nearly 30 years. 

Click the video below to meet CTE staff member, Linda Carling.

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Linda Carling: Teachers Learning from Each Other

Video Library

The Teaching Channel offers lots of professioanl development videos to help new and seasoned teachers improve their practice. Click here for inspiration.


In collaboration with a wide range of educational organizations, the Connected Online Communities of Practice project is increasing the quality, accessibility, and connectedness of existing and emerging online communities of practice through four types of activities:
• New online communities of practice
• Conducting design experiments within “testbeds"
• Undertaking case studies
• Developing ideas about new designs and infrastructure