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Policy and Process

Special Education happens in the classroom. But the foundation for Special Education is in a set of federal and state laws. What are these laws? And how do they impact you and your students in the classroom? In this area of the site, you will learn about the laws that are the basis for Special Education, with particular emphasis on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We have also gathered a wide range of federal and state resources here that will be useful for educators and families alike.



Community Poll

How familiar are you with laws that govern language instruction for non-English speaking children?

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Maryland Youth Risk Behavior Survey

This report presents Maryland trend data in such major risk categories as bullying and harassment, alcohol and other drug use, nutrition, physical activity, and protective factors.  These findings help MSDE, educators, businesses, students and parents to devlop and refine strategies to improve the health and well-being of Maryland youth.


Edutopia blogger offers strategies for addressing the bullying of students with disabilities.

Rutgers University Professor and Director of the Social Emotional Learning Lab, Maurice Elias, dicusses strategies educators can use to help students with disabilities.