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School administrators are the instructional leaders who lay the foundation for establishing a culture of collaboration with their staff, parents and community to create a positive school climate that promotes student success. In the role of the instructional leader, how do you enhance your skills to effectively meet the needs of students with disabilities and other diverse learners? And how do you empower and support your staff to deliver high-quality, research-based instruction that addresses the needs of all your students? In this area of the site, you will learn about leadership, collaboration and how you can be a catalyst for promoting high levels of achievement for all the students at your school.

Webinar (MSDE)

Understanding the Shift from Compliance to High Quality Standards-based IEPs

Learn about the importance of high quality, standards-based IEPs that shifts thinking beyond compliance.



SAM Project

Sponsored by the Wallace Foundation, the School Administration Manager (SAM) Project helps principals gain the time and skills needed to focus on instruction and improve outcomes for students. Find more information and resources through the Wallace Foundation SAM Project.


Knowledge is Power: Empowering the Autism Community Through Parent–Professional Training

This study explores the positive and powerful effect of collaboration between parents and teachers of children with Autism by detailing the experiences of Project PACE. Project PACE or The Partnerships for Autism through Collaborative Community Choice and Empowerment. Project Pace was developed to empower parents and professionals through training and education by providing participants with basic facts about individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and strategies for working with these individuals utilizing collaborative partnerships. Download it here.