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Foundations of EI / PSE Practice

Key Principles of Early Intervention
and Preschool Special Education

Child Outcomes Integration

Integrating the three early childhood outcomes into the IFSP and IEP processes helps us be better able to accomplish the goal of early intervention and preschool special education programs, which is to "enable young children to be active and successful participants during the early childhood years and in the future in a variety of settings - in their homes with their families, in child care, preschool or school programs, and in the community."

As such, integration of the child outcomes goes beyond streamlining forms or making the entire process feel more cohesive for families. Those benefits will occur, but the main reason for integration is to ensure that the three outcomes become the guiding framework for viewing child functioning and planning intervention.

This framework is helpful throughout all phases of the IFSP and IEP processes. The following interactive graphic gives some recommended ways that child outcomes can be integrated into our practice.

If the interactive displays errors or is not showing up for you, access the interactive through the following link: Integrating COS into the IFSP / IEP Process.