Making Access Happen  

Take some time to think about your own physical environment.

  • Think about the types of toys you would want to include in you classroom or setting.
  • List the items you think are “must haves” in your space.

Were there items you wanted to include but did not because of the age and ability of the children?

Consider your space and imagine it from the child’s perspective.

  • Can all of the children in the group easily get to and use the materials?
  • Is the furniture comfortable and safe?
  • Do the children see their work reflected in the space?

Children need a wide array of materials to investigate. However, these items don’t always need to be the most expensive or most intricate. What are the children are learning by using these toys? Do you include items that encouraged children to move? Be creative? Learn numbers or the alphabet? Were there items for children to get messy? Were there natural items like shells, plants and leaves for children to explore?